Sunday, 13 April 2014

Solution to lead happy life forever.

All the living entities doing anything in this world only for the sake of happiness, but unfortunately that happiness will not stay for long time, why it is happening ?,   Because the word particularly happy cannot define by a human being.
 If a person wants to define something it should be in his knowledge otherwise he cannot define it.  For Example  a person defined  happiness  by taking some situation in his life, but every one cannot face the same situations in their life, even if someone face the same situation there is no rule that he must receive that situation  in the same manner, it means there is a lot of obligations in defining happiness.  So we are not in a position to define happiness, without knowing the definition how can we live happily for long time or forever.   
Primarily,  we have to know what is the definition for happiness ?  It is not a word to define,   it is a feeling which generated by a thought.  Like for Example you eat sweet and informed your friend that it is testy.   If he asked you how testy it is, you cannot explain because it is a feeling.   Whatever feeling you get by your five senses you cannot explain, just you can say very nice or very good or wonderful.   In our Indian culture there are many scripts defined happiness as  name of GOD,   from  Sath, Chith, Anandam.  Sath means Certainty,   Chith means Eternal,   Anandam means Happiness   these three are names of GOD.  In this world you cannot find a person with any one of this quality, only GOD have these qualities. If a person wants to live happily, he must know about GOD, because GOD  himself happiness ,  and the message given by GOD about how to live happily.  This is basic concept.
Now we will discuss analytically with material knowledge.
Happiness is a feeling generated by our thought, that feeling we can get in two ways one is a favorable or profitable situation for us or for our favorable persons this is positive happiness, another one is negative happiness, it happens when others caused damage then we feel happy, but both are having time limit why because always you cannot get a favorable or profitable situation or always you cannot get a situation that your enemy caused damage.
So,  what we have to do live happily for long time or forever.   

First I said that happiness is a feeling, so we have to hold control on our feelings, if we are unable to control our feelings,  at least we have to control our thinking process, because our happiness or sadness generated in our mind by  a thought and it can disturb us a lot. For discussion it is very easy but when it come for implementation it is very hard. Some more matter in next week thanks........